Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Preparing for Day 1

Traditionally New Year's Goals/Resolutions typically start on January 1st.  However, at least this year it's still considered a holiday and therefore all foods that were available were holiday foods instead of healthy foods.  So I am preparing to get back on track with healthy eating tomorrow.
My plan is to cut out all sugar other than what is natural in fruits (which I don't eat all that often) and to live wheat free.  So no traditionally made breads, pastas, creamy soups, crackers, cookies, etc.  I'm also wanting to get back into a exercise plan where I am exercising something every day.
I bought my husband a Cross Bow home exercise gym for Christmas that he got two weeks before Christmas and I don't think he's touched it.  Its even put together.  So I'll use it if anything.  We also have Wii Fit, a small trampoline, and resistant bands, as well as Wii Dance games and work out DVDs.
I love how I feel when I'm not over weight.  I really want to start planning for baby #2 but I don't even want to try until I've lost the weight.  With Noah I was gestational diabetic and after he was born I had pulminary embolisms so I was on blood thinners for 6 months.  I don't want to have to take the injectible kind of blood thinner with my next pregnancy so I need to get active and stay active even through the next pregnancy so I don't have to experience that.
I also have endometriosis so I don't want to wait forever to try for the next baby.  Most of my family have had to have hysterectomies around age 30 and I'm 28.  I could write a huge post just on endometriosis of what I've experienced and figured out.  But, I'll save that for another day.
I started taking apart the new high chair I bought Noah.  My step-dad sand blasted the tray for me as it was appearing a bit bubbly and rusty in some small areas.  Today I took the cushions off to reupholster.  Now all I have to do is spray paint it, let it dry, and reattach the cushions.  Then we'll be good to go.
This is the high chair I was in the process of re-doing for him but the tray was way far away:  DSCF5105
This is the one I'm refinishing:  DSCF5104
I'm super excited about all my other home improvment projects that I'll be doing this month, so I'll continue to post before and after photos, techniques, etc.  Tomorrow or Saturday I think I'll tackle the back splash in the kitchen.  Right now its just painted wall, but after I'm through it will be tin tiled!

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