Saturday, January 12, 2013

Project Wrap Ups

Well, today we finished assembling the benches!!! Yay!

This is the shorter of the two benches.  Its 3 feet long and perfect storage for fabric boxes, these store dvds.

Picture 1
This last shelf is a continuous 6 feet long.  I wasn't able to take one shot, the table was in the way.  So the center break, there is just the wider 6" board and the bench continues.  I plan on putting fabric boxes here as well to hold table cloths, place mats, centerpieces, etc.

They will be stained to match the table and then I've picked out the fabric to make a cushion for the top of each bench.  This is the fabric I've chosen, I should have enough, it was a thrift store find during the Holiday Season: DSCF5210
I had to get the accent color tinted darker today.  It other wise had blended in with the wall.  My chandelier arrived today.  Needed some serious cleaning, had to take out a broken bulb that was stuck in the main light socket.  And gave it a nice new coating of antique white paint.  Also had to remove the chain, it was nasty feeling and smelly.  So the chain came off and its soaking in soapy water and we wiped down the cord.  Now just to measure the cord to make sure we will have enough length.

Tomorrow, my step dad is coming to help me anchor a hook to the ceiling thru our suspended ceiling to hang the new beauty.  It is absolutey amazing!  I will definitely post photo's once its up!

Tomorrow I also plan on finishing the accent color.  Hanging some pictures on the wall, look into new window drapery, and putting the livingroom back together!

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