Thursday, January 10, 2013

Still Painting...

Well today we picked up our new to us table and chairs from Two Harbors and the antique bud vases from Duluth and we even got home before Noon!  I finished painting the main part of the walls and now just have some edges left.  Last night we picked up the accent color so I'll start that tomorrow.

Tomorrow night I'm hoping on finally finishing the benches and then stain them a gray tone.  I've decided not to spray the ceiling so I'm gonna take all the panels out, paint them with a roller and then stamp to look like a faux tin ceiling.  My chandelier is still some where in Florida.  I'm supposed to receive it by the 17th.

I got this groovy idea to make a hall tree in the entrance once in our livingroom.  So I might luck out and find some doors on a facebook group I belong to.  Once I get it sketched out I'll share.  Hoping this weekend to get a table set up in my craft room so I can re-set up my sewing machine and make cushions and cushion covers for the new benches as well as the curtains in the porch.

Oh and I finally started to repaint the newer high chair.  So I'm hoping to assemble tomorrow.  In which I will definitely have pictures to share.

I've also decided to open an E-bay shop!  I'm gonna thrift on the weekends and sell online during the week.  Works great cause I can still stay home with my little man and ship from home.

Oh and I thought up this great idea to repurpose baby food jars and be super organized as a crafter or a gift wrapper. And as soon as I make one I'll share!

Well, I'm off to check on the high chair and the drying process and then off to bed!  Lots to do tomorrow!

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