Monday, January 7, 2013

Kitchen Backsplash...Check

So I can cross one thing off of my list.  Putting the back splash in the kitchen.  I did that tonight.  Here is a before picture and an after:  DSCF5161
And the after:  DSCF5163
Pretty shiny huh.  I bought the tiles through and the reviews for the adhesives they send with weren't great, but when I was looking at buying liquid nails it stated it would not be adheasive to the products I was using.  I tried liquid nails just in case but it didn't work, so I did use the adhesives Harriet Carter sent with and so far no problem.  The back splash cost about $36 and I bought matching silver outlet covers at my local Home Improvement store.

Tomorrow my husband doesn't have to work a double shift so I plan on getting more screws and one more 1x3x6 for him to cut and hopefully finish assembling the benches.  And one of two of the larger projects I really want to get done is painting our living room/ dining room area before the end of the week, so that's my goal for tomorrow after my son goes to bed for the night and then finishing Wednesday in time for our new table.

Oh and even more exciting!  I did win that chandelier I posted pictures of yesterday!  Yay!
No wheat today or sugar, had a few bouts of withdrawls but made it through.  Lost a couple of pounds too!

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