Thursday, January 3, 2013


My husband and my mother created a wonderful space for me in our basment and finished the day my water broke.  The original intentions were for an at home studio to do my sewing creations that I sold at craft shows and wholesale to stores across Minnesota.
Well, with the arrival of my son, I didn't have the time to sew nor did I want to anymore.  So now I have all of this finished product and no time to sell it.  So I'm offering it all up for sale.  $2500+ worth of product for $500.  Its taking up space in the area I'm now converting to a guest room/craft room.  I'd like the space and get rid of everything associated with it.  This is what my space looks like now:  DSCF5135
See what I mean?  I just don't know what to do with it all!
I guess I could go back down there and attempt at organizing...  I think I'll be buying some ziplock totes tomorrow to put it all into and hope someone comes along and buys them.  My husband says anything we have to store that's not season is too much.  And I agree with him.
Day 2 of my no wheat no sugar was hard today and I knew it would be.  We went to my great-aunt Lorraine's in Cook for our Holiday get together, its been a tradition since before I was born.  I couldn't be rude and state I couldn't eat anything because I was giving up sugar and wheat.  So today I did eat quite a bit of both.  But, I don't forsee continuing to do so, so we'll shall see how the next couple of days progress.

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