Thursday, January 31, 2013

Almost There

Last night I got pretty far on finishing up my project with the antique rocker.  I successfully with the hubby's help finished uncovering the chair, getting the arms off, and re-recovering the main part of the chair.
Now tonight to recover the arm rests and re-attach the arm rests.  I can't put the back on till I find some buttons to stitch in to the back rest or buy buttons to cover in the same fabric.  There is also a ottoman that goes with this piece that I need to recover as well.  This chair will be in my son's nursery.  Though one day when we have a bigger house it will resurface in the livingroom.

The "needs work and some TLC" chandelier I bid on, on Ebay arrived today.  This was the picture on the listing I bid on, on the left and how I fixed it up on the right:
Chandelier tn
As you can see in the picture on the left some of the light fixtures were broken and it was quite dirty and it was not known whether or not it worked.  So when it came today the first thing I did was to take out the clorox wipes and clean it up.  Then I wired it up to be able to plug it in to see what I was working with.  With luck everything worked just fine.  I did have to repair the fixture itselves that were broken and bought new sleeves.  I did decide not to keep it so it is relisted on ebay here.

Tomorrow we are heading to Maple, WI to finally pick up the antique bed I want very badly, looking at a chair that needs some serious help, some candle wall sconces, and a vintage mail sorter.  And hopefully pictures of a finished antique rocker, minus the buttons, not sure if I'll find those tomorrow.

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