Sunday, January 27, 2013

In love with all things old

I think I'm totally in love with all things old!  We already know that I'm becoming infatuated with vintage tole chandeliers, since I fell in love with one a few weeks ago that I bought, fixed, spruced up, and is now successfully hanging and working in my dining room.
Then I fell in love with another that I also purchased and is on its way here:
Not entirely sure what does and doesn't work on this one yet or exactly what it is I am going to do with it yet.  I've been contemplating for a while now about hanging it over my desk in our bonus room at the top of the stairs that would also double as a light over the stairs since there isn't one.  Or in the back entry over the basement stairs as there isn't light there either.  But not too many people would see the chandelier there.  And then there's the front porch... but I'm not sure if it would be too big there.

Now I was doing some research on Ebay and by total accident, I promise I wasn't looking for another I found one that is no longer hooked to any thing electrical and thought, "oh how wonderful that'd be in an outdoor leisure space with candles....
See what I mean?  So you see I'm in love with vintage tole chandeliers.  But I also oh so much also love hand embroidered linens especially dresser scarfs or table runners.  Vintage fabrics, funky designs on old china, lace curtains, fun old table cloths, funky antique furniture, oh so much to love!

Speaking of old stuff.  I finally took the 2nd old door I received out of our van today.  It has a window!  Though the window will come out and a mirror will go in. Haven't decided yet if I'm just gonna put a plain mirror in or stencil around the edge first.  And one door is stained dark and the other one medium.  So I also haven't decided if I will leave them that way or sand and match them.  I almost think I'm gonna leave them as is.  We have both colors of wood in our space now.  Granted the doors will be used for a hall tree in our livingroom and they will be built in, so they won't leave with us when we leave whenever that may be.  The future owners might like them the way I design them or they can paint them! Also deciding on if I want to leave the door handles on or take them off.... so many decisions.

I also had high hopes today of starting or to continue working on the antique rocker I have that I was to recover/reupholster.  I amazingly have fabric left over from the vintage curtains I picked up at a thrift store over the holidays that I also used for the cushion covers in our diningroom.  But I do work better later in the evening.  So maybe I'll still get around to that.  I just can't wait till its done!  But now that I saw that cute chandelier online I think I'm gonna day dream about a leisurely outside space for a while, maybe draw up some plans.  End of January and we've had -50 with the windchill all week so why not think of warm summer days?

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