Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Livingroom/Dining Room Make Over

Well, last night I was debating.  Do I want to start painting the living room or do I want to work on Noah's new high chair?  Well, I figured the high chair really needs to get going so he can start using it but knowing it wouldn't take very much time, I decided to start painting the livingroom.  I love what a new coat of paint can do to a room, however, I HATE painting.  But I really wanted it done and I was the only one who was gonna do it and I really wanted it done before the table gets picked up tomorrow and the new chandelier arrives.    As I also want to paint the ceiling...

Though now I'm thinking about a different way to paint the ceiling cause it rather intimidates me.
The one thing that already feels great about the living room is that it feels so big and bright!

I'm not ready to post before and after pictures nor am I wanting to post intermittent pictures.  So you're just gonna have to wait patiently.

On the upside I finally picked out my accent color.  Its a shade of gray but I had about 50 samples, then I narrowed it down to 6 and now finally 1.  It ties in the tiles in the dining room/ kitchen as well as the new backsplash, the kitchen hardware, the new paint color, and eventually the new accents!

So I'm sorry to leave you hanging, I'll try really hard to get this done by the weekend with the exception of the chandelier as its still in transit.

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