Friday, January 18, 2013

Antiquing Online

So, I think I'm addicted to antiquing online.  I have a facebook account that I use to belong to a few local and regional groups.  One in particular I use to sell a lot of stuff, I make enough money to almost be a part time job, which is good cause I don't have one and God always seems to provide for our needs.

The other groups I belong to are vintage finds.  And I've been doing a lot of browsing on Etsy and Ebay too.  My lovely chandelier hanging in my newly remodeled diningroom was a great find on Ebay for $30 and a new coat of paint with some new bulbs made it amazing.  I found another chandelier on there that
I bidded on that's also amazingly adorable.  Needs some TLC but I learned how to wire lamps in college as I made funky ones out of LP Records.  Haven't decided yet if the next chandelier will hang in the stairwell going up stairs or going downstairs.  Guess I'll decide when it gets here, I'm thinking upstairs because more people will see it.

Next Saturday my husband and I are going to visit Maple, WI to pick up an absolutely awesome vintage double bed frame!  This is it: 223045_4054165825217_814707497_n-1
Isn't it awesome!  All for only $40!  Its a steal!  Also picking up some other awesome finds from this lady.  She has a whole pole barn full of goodies.  Getting a mail sorter, some wall sconce candle holders, a scroll book shelf, and some super cute wall hangings.

I have 98% of the painting finished in the livingroom.  Just a few spots here and there that I just noticed that I totally forgot!  Here's a picture on how I decided to paint the beams! DSCF5235
I painted the gray at an angle at the top.  I really like it. I debated for a few days as to what I was gonna do about it and then this idea popped into my head!
This is what it looked like prior: DSCF5225
My next thought is if I want to stencil the walls with a larger design in a slightly darker shade of what's on the walls.  In the picture it looks white but really its a light shade of yellow, amazingly enough.  The only stencils I could find were either damask or of chandeliers.  Neither of which I want.  So I guess I'll just have to search for a while.

I've also been deciding what I want to do for window coverings.  I've decided I want a panel of lace down the center of each window but haven't decided completely for the ends.  I've been thinking about vintage table cloths or sheer fabric but nothing concrete yet.

So many things to do and such little time!  I really need to get my sewing machine set up again so I can get the cushions done for the benches in the diningroom and get the benches stained!
Well, have a wonderful weekend!  We're headed to Brainerd/Baxter tomorrow so the hubby can take a test Saturday morning.  Please share your weekend plans below!

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