Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My little boy is turning 1

I don't know what has happened to the last year!  It feels like just last week I was waiting for my little bun in the oven to join us in this great big world!  And now in a couple of weeks he's turning 1!

I was told prior to his arrival that he would change my world 100 fold.  Yes, yes, yes he has!  I've always been the independent type and I'm known to be quite stubborn.  Well, my little guy has inherited both.  And I've struggled a lot this past year in finding my happy medium.  No longer was I able to just run an errand and be back in 5 min.  I'd have to schedule my errands when my husband was home so that I could leave Noah home with daddy and I could make it a 5 min errand.  Winter was long.  He was too little to play outside in the snow so we spent long, cold, winter days/nights in the house.  I'm sure he didn't mind since he didn't know much else.

I worked August-early January, but January till now I've not been working.  And now that spring/summer finally blossomed I'm no longer depressed.  The only thing that I think was depressing me was being inside day after day.  I didn't want to get up in the morning.  I could sleep all day long.  But as soon as the weather changed I've been getting up with Noah.  Getting out in the yard, getting it ready for spring, planning landscaping projects.

I think what I'm finally grasping is its ok not to be the breadwinner, to be the Susie Homemaker, trophy wife as my husband once called me and the constant support for my little guy...