Sunday, January 6, 2013

1st Floor Remodel Project

So the remodel on our main floor is progressing.  I did some more work on the dining room benches today  but with my husband at work all day it was slow going.  My little boy tenses as the drill sounds and I can't do that to him.  I was able to drill pilot holes while he napped but then I ran out of screws.  So I'm a little further then this picture shows, but here is the last photo I took:  DSCF5140
I'm hoping to start painting the livingroom tomorrow after my son goes to bed for the night.  I can't paint during the day as I'm sure he'd find it fun to ram his car (walker) into the paint tray.  I found a table that I believe will work well in the dining area that we are picking up from Two Harbor's, MN on Thursday:532398_131447543680859_1494178632_n

 I found some super cute bud vases that we are picking up in Duluth, MN on Thursday too:  734307_581241575225731_562532512_n

And I'm hoping to land this super cute chandelier: Picture 2

Ultimately hoping I can get the livingroom painted before Thursday.  Still have to pick out my accent color.  I'm thinking a shade of gray, which particular not sure yet, I've narrowed it down to 3 different shades.  Then there's the feat of painting the ceiling and then stenciling in a faux tin ceiling.  That's gonna be a job but so worth it!

I came up with a super cute idea for the front porch.  My dad made me a ladder shelf about 4 years ago for a store we used to own.  I've used it for displays for craft shows but that's not my thing anymore.  So instead of storing it in the garage, I'm going to take the hinges off and affix the two sides to both sides of the front door in our porch and then put two planters on the top rung on either side.  I also still have to sew the new curtains for the porch.  Sewing anything will be put off a bit as I'm converting my sewing studio in to a guest room/craft room and I can't get much further until stuff sells and furniture moves around.

And there's still the backsplash in the kitchen, that I might get done tomorrow since there is no noise associated with that and Noah might allow me to do that!

Well, I'm exhausted!  I do hope I have fasinating pictures to share tomorrow!
As for giving up wheat and sugar... I'm having withdrawls and its making me feel ill, probably why I'm exhausted but I haven't given in to eating either!

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