Sunday, January 13, 2013

YAY!!!! I installed the chandelier by myself!!!

So I am very proud of myself today!  Last night I brought my chandelier to my parents home to get some assistance in cleaning it up.  Then last night when we got home I spray painted it.  My step-dad was thinking I needed help in hanging it from the ceiling because we have a suspended ceiling with a plaster ceiling above the suspended ceiling.

Well, my parents watched my son while I made a quick trip to Menards this afternoon and the guy in hardware told me also did something similar.  He got me fitted with a butterfly anchor and a long eye hook and told me what I had to do.  My parents didn't know why I was going to Menards and honestly I didn't want to tell them.

So I got out my husband's cordless drill, found my 3/8" drill bit, determinded where I wanted the chandelier to hang down from, marked a spot on the ceiling, drilled through the plaster, the lath, and a stud I think.  I had some trouble because the butterfly anchor was more like 3/4" wide then 1/2" like the guy told me.  So, I ran out to the garage and scrounged and found a ton of other drill bit type things and made the hole slightly bigger.  I then put my eye hook through the butterfly anchor, hammered it in till it butterflied out.  I did all this with the ceiling tile aside.  Then I had to measure how many inches in on two sides where the eye bolt was hanging so I could cut a small hole through the ceiling tile.  I ran downstairs, grabbed my xacto knife and just made a big enough hole for part of a chain link to fit through.  I put a shower curtain hook through it to make sure it wouldn't come out on the top.

Here are some bad pictures to give you an idea, clarity is not great when you're practically photographing blind...
Chandelier hook
So, then I grabbed chain that I had to soak over night and then spray paint an antique white.  Dropped it to where I thought would be proper height and then hung the chandelier.  I had a bit trial and error but it turned out amazing!

So this is what the diningroom looked like a week ago today.  It used to look much more blah, but this was a week ago (on the left) and what it looks like today (on right.)
Picture 4
I'm not done yet.  I took the day off from painting so my little boy could have playing room.  So, I still have to finish painting the accent color completely.  I'm so excited with how it turned out!
Oh and you know what else exciting happened today!  I bartered with someone on the table I made by hand that didn't really fit my vision for the diningroom for an awesome door that I just need one more of so I can make the hall tree I've envistioned!
Here are a few more close ups of the diningroom remodel, hope you enjoy...
Picture 5
The plate racks are on both sides of the built in bookshelf.  The plate rack on the left has some decopauged frames I made with inspirational quotes in them.  The top left says, "Grow where you are planted," the bottom left says, "My child, You worry too much!  Remember, I've got this! Love your dad, God."  The top right says, "The greast pleasrure in life is doing what people say you can't do!" (One of my favorite quotes) and bottom left says, "When life gets to hard to stand....kneel."

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