Wednesday, January 2, 2013


So today I caught up on some projects that were waiting for me for quite some time and started moving furniture around and planning the next move for remodeling.  I cleaned under and behind the stove today, finished putting mop board up behind it.  Cleaned off a shelf we had made to fit between the oven and the wall and removed it as it was more of an eye sore than anything else.  Put our 5 gal water jug and crock there instead so its not so easy for Noah to push over.  Brought a load of clothes to Goodwill.
A few years ago I was going for a different style and I built my own dining table.  Great table for my first ever table, though it made our dining area small.  DSCN0429
So today I had the hubby help me bring it down stairs thinking I'd use it for a laundry table, it makes the basement look tiny, but I don't want to part with it.
This is our dining space.   DSCF5127
The table that now sits there is a family heirloom.  I'd ideally like to design a pedestal table but having a bit of a tough time finding a round base that is heavy enough and my liking to go off of.  So if I can make my great-grandmother's table work then that's what I want to do. But what else I want to do is make built in benches that frame the walls that have storage under them.  Then it makes the space multi-functional in my old home.  I like character and for my home being 97-years-old it doesn't have a ton so I like adding some.  The cedar chest in the background I put there for height perspective, that will eventually make it to the basement bedroom.
Then there's this bookshelf: DSCF5128
Sorry for the quality of the photo.  I bought this bookshelf at Salvation Army in St. Cloud, MN.  Orginially I bought it for my studio that I no longer have because I'm no longer sewing for profit.  I've always wanted an island in my kitchen.  I only have one wall of cupboards and counter.  However, I've always designed my island to be convertible.  One I can put up against the wall when I don't need it and pull it out when I do.  So I'm using this bookshelf as the basis.  I'm gonna get some lumber and some hinges and supports and create something similar to a gate leg table.
So with moving furniture around and cleaning, I'm still in the process and want to finish cleaning up before the hubby arrives home.  If I create or rearrange when he's at work, I like to have it picked up before he gets home.  He's not the neat police, I am.  But, I like arriving home in a neat, organized home, so I make sure I have it that way when my husband or any one else steps through our door.
Day 1
Today was Day 1 of giving up wheat and sugar.  I succeed in not consuming any wheat and the only sugar I consumed was in a can of Cherry Coke later in the day.  I needed a pick me up as I worked a midnight shift last night and desperately needed some energy.  I've read that regular sugar is better than aspartame which they put in all diet pops.  Didn't get in any regular exercise today.  Just exercise from moving furniture and appliances. 

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