Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dreaming of Spring

I am ready for spring to be here and winter to be over!  We have a sidewalk next to our house that we never use.  We also have a paved alley on the other side of our house so people usually just walk up the alley vs use our sidewalk.  The sidewalk needs some help as there are a few sections that need to be leveled.  The side of our house with the sidewalk is a large vacant condemed house.  The guy who owns it tells us he's going to tear it down and offer the land to us, but I'm thinking that's never going to happen.  So I have been dreaming of putting in a garden gate at the front of our house for where the sidewalk is.  Let's see if I can find a picture of the front of our house so you can see where I mean...
You can't really see the sidewalk between our house and the one next door.  But from where the front of the porch is, is where I'd want to line up the new garden gate with.  I was looking for the kind that is shown in the next picture that is in front of their fireplace, but I can't seem to find one like that:
So then I started browsing around ebay and decided a full size door would look pretty good there.  Not a solid door but like an old farmhouse screen door.  However, a new idea sparked in my head when I was trying to find old metal garden gates on ebay.  It seems people must use old metal headboards and footboards for garden fencing.  The lady we just went to see in Maple, WI on Friday where we bought our new to use vintage double bed has two metal twins forsale.  I just can't decide if I can make her twin headboards and footboards into a garden fence, what do you think?
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So what do you think?

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