Thursday, February 7, 2013

Project Day

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  Life has been a little crazy!  Though my husband's work week is over so I'm hoping on getting a lot done today, being it his first day off!  My main project today will be working on making the hall tree for our livingroom.  I finally got all the hardware off of the old doors that I no longer wanted, but when I tried what I initially thought I was going to do, the doors were too tall.  So I need the hubby's help to trim about a foot off of each door.  I'm building the hall tree to go around our radiator and will double as a radiator cover.
If you look in the corner of this picture where the recliner is sitting.  That is where the hall tree will be, just behind it.  You can see one of the doors sitting there.

I'm so excited to start this project!  I'm hoping on putting a shelf on the top and then some smaller ones on one door or some baskets and the other door will have hooks.  Then there will be a bench.

This project also makes me think of what to do about "uncluttering" the bathroom.  We don't have a lot of space or storage in our bathroom and currently we use a tall small shelf to hold everything, buts really just a huge eye sore.  I've been looking pinterest as of late for ideas.  There are a lot of great ideas but we have a window and a partially slanted ceiling our bathroom so of course there is no easy fix.
I'll try to post pictures later today on how far we have gotten on the hall tree!

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