Thursday, February 21, 2013


Its official I'm 98% done with the hall tree!  Basically took me one month to do from my last post!  We ran into a few snags along the way.  But the last 2% I'm not entirely sure as to whether or not I'm even going to do or not.  I have the wood if I want to do it, just not sure.  Gonna have to sketch it out and ponder over it.  I did a lot of pondering as to what I should and shouldn't do.  So for your viewing here it is:
My 2% is whether or not I want to cover the bottom half of the radiator with wood, just not sure yet.  I still need to paint the ceiling grid as you can see it is still brown.  I did however finally put lace inserts in the livingroom windows!  I found an old lace table cloth at our local good will that I cut into forths, hemmed, and hung.  I like the texture it adds to the space.

I picked up a old mail sorter at a rummage sale in Wisconsin this month for $2.50 this is what it looked like before:
This is what it looks like now as it hangs next to our front door:
I bought some wood cutouts at our local home improvement store that I put on and then spray painted.  The color ties in perfectly with the colors in our diningroom bench cushions.

So needless to say I may not have posted very often but I have been keeping busy.  I acquired another chair that needs to be reupholstered but its not a rocker, its quite comfy, its missing a chunk from the padding on the arm rest, the only reason I haven't started this project yet is because I need to find fabric to recover it in.  I also have to reconfigure a frame I bought at a thrift store to put our family photo in.
Oh and I did a really cute set up in our bathroom too, I'll have to remember to take a picture tomorrow!
Well, I have my plate full for tomorrow.  Good Night.


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