Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Converting our Backyard into a Garden

I was reading last night on various blogs how entirely affordable it is to grow your own food.  I've tried container gardening and well that's not my forte.  I know from digging deep holes in the ground for our clothesline pole and for the 2 fence post holes that our soil is clay with lots of big rocks.   So that ultimately was the reason I decided to do container gardening one year.  Well, as I was thinking about it last night we have a small yard but a lot bigger then what some people have.  Its pretty sunny except for one area near the house which I think I would leave alone because one intention this summer is to replace our deck.  Our child who I'm still carrying and not due to have until mid May won't exactly be needing a play space for a few years yet and we will still be able to accommodate play space for him so why not just use most of the back yard to grow plants to sustain us through mid to late summer through winter?  We have a compost, just never anywhere use to use it.  We have water to water a garden, we have room to store food.  I'm not a great seed starter but my mom has a greenhouse so I think she could help in that place.

Its a thought in process and right now a thought, but I really want to do it.  Now its measuring space and figuring out in the spaces what kind of sun light they get and what we can fit where and tilling the space and possibly bringing in black dirt and what have you.  I'll keep you posted.

I also read on a blog yesterday about how a family did away with facilitating their garbage can.  It took them 6 months to officially not need a garbage can. They bought food that didn't have a wrapper or food that came in recyclable containers, recycled their egg cartons at their local co-op, composted food scraps, etc.  I like this idea, we already recycle A LOT!  But I've often thought why buy items that come in plastics not coded with a 1 or a 2 on them since in our area we can't recycle anything that doesn't have a 1 or a 2 and why would you, just means its not as safe for your food and you have all those plastic chemicals seeping into your food, YUCK.  You can be create and Eco-friendly by being conscious of what it is you are buying and how it not only affects you but the planet.  Where we live we have to buy city garbage bags that aren't even biodegradable so essentially those and everything in them will never break down.  And people are OK with that?  Not me.

**And an update.  I made family cloth yesterday and tried it out.  Not bad.  I made them 4" x 8" and realized that since they are super absorbent 4x8" is too big for #1, works great for #2.  So I'm gonna be cutting some in half to make 4x4" cloth.  I also need to wet it a bit other wise it can feel like rug burn.  There is no smell with the wipes.  And I can wash with towels in HOT water until I'm constantly washing cloth diapers and wipes.

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