Monday, April 23, 2012

Challenge Day 3

Sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday.  It was a bit of a whirl wind and after my husband started making pizza in the oven for lunch I walked into the kitchen and said, "Honey!  There is smoke coming out of the oven!" He said, "ya, it did that the other day too." I opened the oven and turned it off, "there's a fire in the oven!!!!"  So needless to say when the fire was out and the oven was cold I had my work cut out for me as I had intended on finishing my grain free peanut butter cookie granola yesterday which the next step was to bake it for 30 min before dehydrating it.

I've used Easy off in the past but with making our home toxic free in time for our little one to arrive I grabbed my homemade all natural all purpose cleaner, steel wool, and a trusty microfiber cloth.  Let me tell you, it was hard work!  The natural cleaner worked just as good as the easy off it not better but it was hard because I'm 9 months pregnant, my tummy couldn't get me near enough, I was on my knees which has been difficult for me to maneuver if I'm on the floor to getting up.  I took many breaks because I was having back pain.  But, I'm quite proud of how clean the oven got with just homemade all natural cleaner.  The recipe is under the baby safe cleaner tab.

Yesterday for breakfast I had the last of my cinnamon grain free granola and soy milk.  (Soy not so great, but it was all I could find at the time and had stocked up and my husband won't drink it so I'll continue using it until its gone!)  Then I had frozen pizza for lunch, a grain free easy black and white cake piece, wasn't at all hungry for dinner yesterday but knew I had to eat because my little boy needed some nourishment so I had left over Amish Omelet. 

On a totally different subject, I have been trying to make a home planner with a monthly planned out menu, with daily chores, reminders, etc.  First I was going to make it with a standard binder but I have this plan to make a hutch for an antique gate leg table that was my great-grandmother's that sit in our kitchen.  The regular binder would hang off the hutch and just because I'm picky I want everything to fit.  I have a couple of small blue binders I had gotten free somewhere in the past but haven't been able to use them because being smaller the holes in the paper need to be closer together.  Well, I fixed that problem because a while back I purchased a 3 hole punch that I could move the end hole cutters.  But I wanted to put my printed sheets in page protectors and use dry erase markers so I wouldn't have to waste paper.  But when I down sized to the smaller binder now I needed smaller page protectors until I had an idea last night.  I bought an entire roll of clear contact paper hoping to figure out how to make my own frosted look with it make some of the windows in our home privacy screened.  I wrote on a small area this morning with a dry erase marker and waited about 5 min, sure enough it wiped clean!  So I'm going to put my half size sheets on contact paper and then put in my binder so I don't have to waste paper for my organization!  Totally excited about this!  I'll post pictures when I'm in the process!

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