Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Challenge Day 4

Yesterday....remember, jenni, remember.  I really shouldn't wait till the next day to write the challenge post.  Remembering is not my strong suite these days, but I remember napping yesterday and a lot of laying down due to various aches, pains, and cramps.

I honestly can't remember what I had for breakfast.  I had mid stage peanut butter cookie granola for breakfast.  Mid stage as it was done being baked in the oven but waiting to be dehydrated.  It was pretty good.  I think I almost like this kind of granola better at that stage then the dehydrated stage, it would make a good crust to something with fruit and cream cheese on top.  Now there's a thought.   Lunch was frozen pizza, dinner was boxed shrimp scampi and frozen veggies both which I learned were not so healthy after I ate them, my blood sugars didn't go up, but the munchies did!  I remember combating the munchies with strawberries and when my husband came home from work at 11:45pm and he ate ramen noodles those looked pretty good too, so I made a pkg, but that put me to sleep.

There are just some foods in our house that are inevitable until you realize they are loaded with a ton of bad ingredients usually after you eat them.  The "Ah-huh" moment doesn't settle in until you realize you are eating and munching more then you should.

I'm at that stage right now that I need to be organized so I can start prepping meals ahead of time so I'm not in that "what am I gonna eat now" mentality.  That's another cue for munching.  I'm currently tired all the time with little ambition or energy to get anything done, I have fantastic intentions but, that's all they are, intentions.

Something else to consider when attempting to eat healthy is the aluminum content in your body and what you are doing to your body with out realizing it.  Keeper of the Home had an interesting blog post today, you should check it out here.

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