Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Veggie Oils, Munchies, and fixing the problem

Earlier this week I was reading The Healthy Home Economist's blog post "How Vegetable Oils Make us Fat."  Good article.  The article stated that the omega 6's in vegetable oils give us the munchies.  I had put the blog post out of mind until today.  I decided to make grain free crepes with strawberries and a creamy filling.  I currently have gestational diabetes so I have to find my sweet fix and all eating options by watching my blood sugar.  I knew from my experiment a few weeks ago that since I make the strawberry crepes from scratch I know what is going into the recipe so I know to control any sugar levels.  Though, it dawned on me today when I made them, ate them, put the left overs away and about an hour and half later I got the munchies.  I looked in the fridge and as usual nothing I can eat that won't raise my blood sugar unless I eat more crepes.  So I ate the rest of the crepes but then that reminded me of the blog post about too much Omega 6's causing the munchies.  I had the munchies, last night I had the munchies, I get the munchies a lot.

So I did a little research to find out what I had in my Strawberry Crepes that could have caused the munchies.  I thought I was eating healthy.  I started with the creamy mixture I make from cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, splenda (i know isn't the greatest) and vanilla.  My crepes only contain tapioca starch, splenda, eggs, and water so I knew that wasn't my issue and I knew the strawberries weren't the issue.  I googled the ingredients of cream cheese.  The cream cheese I use was purchased from the grocery store on sale last week for the generic brand.  Here is my "duh" moment.  I didn't buy organic cream cheese or natural cream cheese, I bough commercial cream cheese which means the milk that was used to make the cream cheese more then likely wasn't an organic, grass fed cow, instead it was a grain fed cow and from the LiveStrong website, Omega 6's are typically found in grains, cereals, vegetable oils, meat and dairy.

Now I'm totally new to this topic and from what I understand Omega 6's are a vital nutrient in moderation.  They are found in the list I just stated but in whole foods such as nuts and seeds they are totally healthy to eat because the oils are not in a concentrated form like veggie oil.  It also is now occurring to me that instead of using coconut oil to smear my pan with when making the crepes I sprayed Pam... I wonder what Pam is made out of? Canola and soybean oil.  That could be the culprit to my munchies too.  And I suppose considering how often I have the munchies I must like most American's have an absorbancy built up in my system and its all about eating whole foods and really paying attention to what I'm eating and where it came from.  I'm going to continue my research on this topic.  Its already been sitting in the back of my mind to make my own yogurt, water kefir, kombucha, etc and from what I understand you can make homemade cream cheese from yogurt and to stay away from munchie producing cravings I will probably make my own organic yogurt vs the easy way out and making it from store bought yogurt.

So I'm adding on to my post.  Now that I know what I'm looking for in the ingredients 98% of what is in my cupboards/fridge/pantry contains all those bad Omega 6's in high concentrated form.  The sugar free coffee creamer 1st two ingredients corn syrup and cottonseed oil.  I made egg salad for dinner and the olive oil mayo from Kraft that I use has canola oil in it amongst many other veggie oils.  So I guess I'm gonna have the munchies tonight too.  Its amazing when you try eating healthy and you learn of all the bad ingredients that are hidden in food you think is safe and healthy.  I need to switch to whole foods now and not later.  So I think I'm gonna start spending a lot of time on the GNOWFLINS.

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