Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 1: Getting Rid of the Munchies

Things are going pretty good today.  I had 2 grain free home made cinnamon bun muffins with cream cheese frosting for breakfast.  Good and Garlic Pizza for lunch, grain free black and white cake that I made last night for mid afternoon dessert.  I ate out with my parents at Pizza Ranch tonight, I had a large salad, 2 chicken legs, and 1 piece of pizza.  No crazy cravings or munchies and I've been satisfied all day.  Everything on my salad this evening except for the dressing was a whole food.  I'm assuming there would be some horrible rotten veggie oils in the ranch dressing, but used in moderation I feel ok.

My husband and I did a little grocery shopping this afternoon and I'm in the process of making my next batch of almond flour granola for breakfast since my 5 lbs of Almond Flour arrived today from Honeyville.  This time instead of Cinnamon I plan on making the peanut butter cookie almond flour granola which I'm going to need 2 cups of peanut butter for.  Last weekend I learned it really is easy to make your own homemade nut butters without all the additives and preservatives by simply putting nuts in a food processor and processing till it turns to a creamy nut butter.  We (my mom and I) made almond butter last weekend.  But looking at the ingredient labels of peanut butter today regular peanut butters are out as they are loaded with corn syrup and veggie oils.  The natural peanut butters don't contain the corn syrup or the veggie oils.  Some contain coconut oil, but that is a safe oil, it won't give you the munchies, but that also costs about $5 a jar vs $3-4 a jar.  So when I finish my grocery shopping I'm guessing on Sunday since tomorrow I'll be at Earth Fest all day, I'm gonna check the price on peanuts and make my own.  Granted my granola will take me a bit longer to make I'd rather keep the bad oils out.

So day 1 I think I did pretty good.  Tomorrow I'll be gone from 9-4 and will need to either pack my lunch and snacks or send the hubby to find food (probably not a great idea).  So I'll let you know tomorrow night how the day went.

Happy Earth Day!

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