Sunday, April 29, 2012

Challenge over...

Well, I guess you can say one should never start a 2 week challenge at the end of their pregnancy and during a crazy time in which one is also setting up and working a garage sale.  I didn't even get a chance to check my blood sugar consistently over the last couple of days.  Our garage sale went very well.  The garage was full of stuff we had brought out to the garage over the last couple of months so we didn't have room to bring out anything from the house really.  We sold 95% of our antiques within the 1st hour on Friday morning. 

We have now decided as of yesterday when I came in the house after the sale was over that since everything is still set up, why not keep it set up and have another sale this coming weekend, that way I don't have to pack it all up and wait for the sale we plan on having at my mom's in August.  As long as my water doesn't break we can have another sale and I can get the stuff out of the house.  So yesterday, I desperately needed to clean our living room and decided to rearrange while I cleaned, ensuring I wouldn't miss a corner of the living room to find items for our next sale.  I found quite a bit.  But I also feel better that the living room is baby ready...almost.

I have a bit of monthly cleaning I'd like to get done before he comes as well as finish sewing some of his items.  But if I don't, my mom can do them too.

I think we planned our sale at a good time.  I haven't worked since the beginning of April and I wasn't remembering when my last paycheck was going to come.  Last Friday would have been a usual payday but I didn't get a paycheck, so it was nice to make the money we did which was far more then my paychecks have been in quite some time.  Now we can pay off things sooner.  Garage sales really are a win-win.  You sell your "stuff" you don't need to make some money you need all while making someone else happy in the process, fulfilling their needs or wants.

Well, its back to cleaning for me.  Decided to take a break to email my hubby at work, check in here, and now to getting some much needed baking/food prep done for the week.  I'm excited to start planning my home improvement projects for the summer and the first one is making a hutch for a family heirloom which is a gate leg table that sits in our kitchen.  I noticed while sitting in the garage the last few days that we should have plenty of lumber to make it so I don't have to spend a dime on making it.  Except for maybe some stain to match the table.

Happy almost May!

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