Saturday, April 21, 2012

Challenge Day 2

Well, today was a bit more of a challenge.  I had my last two cinnamon bun grain free muffins for breakfast, didn't pack a snack because I didn't have one to pack and did good.  Sent my husband to Subway to get me a 6" flat bread sub with Turkey, veggies, and mayo, a diet coke, and cookies...?  I know.  But it satisfied me, no munchies.  I imagine there was so bad veggie oils in the flatbread, the mayo, definitely the diet coke, and the cookies.  My parents took me out to dinner at Perkins (I usually don't eat out much but they helped me tear down and unload and I really didn't feel like cooking) so I had their new Mediterranean omelet (which was amazing!), with a bowl of fresh fruit and a pancake.  The pancake is the only thing in question, but I've been satisfied all night.  Did you know that even in powdered coffee creamer there are the same ingredients as in liquid and the only ingredients are vegetable oils?  Sad.

So are you paying attention to what you're eating and what's in what you're eating?  Are you being shocked at what's on the labels or if you've eaten something lately and then realized you're still entirely hungry and you keep snacking...then checking the label to find the culprit?  Its sucks doesn't it?  Well, the more whole foods we eat the less processed and the more we control what we eat!

On a different note, today was the 4th annual Iron Range Earth Fest in my neck of the woods.  Great day!  I've had a booth for the last 3 years including this year.  The first year I mainly demonstrated how to recycle Plastic Bags into a reusable material.  Last year I debuted reusable sandwich and produce bags and this year I brought back reusable sandwich bags, debuted Handy Helper aprons which I've been making for about a year now as well as a few other kinds of aprons I make, but am just selling what I have and then no longer making them.

I met some awesome people!  Found out my parents are friends with a man who owns a strawberry farm where I can pick locally, organically grown strawberries.  Also made a contact with a local farmer's market group where I'm attending a new vendor's meeting on Tuesday to sign up to sell my reusable sandwich bags, aprons, and produce bags at this summer for a super small cost.  Made a lot of contacts on buying grass fed beef, pork, chicken as well as organically grown vegetables.

I found 3 awesome cedar planter's that are pre-made raised beds for gardening from the Cedar People out of Gheen, MN who were entirely affordable!  $35 a bed or 3 beds for $100!  My parents decided to buy me and my husband 3 for our anniversary which isn't until the end of June but still totally exciting!  I know just where they are gonna go and now I can start determining exactly what I want to plant.  I'm going to do a mix of vertical gardening and regular gardening.  I have a ton of ideas on more boxes but I think they're gonna have to wait till next year because we have to remove about 8 trees from our backyard because they are interfering with the power lines for both the city and our own that runs power to our garage.

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