Saturday, March 31, 2012

Diapers arrived!

I met the postman at the door when I heard his truck pull up to the curb as my Nicki's Diapers order email stated they would arrive today.  Too excited to wait any longer.  I had ordered 3 covers and 9 inserts, they suggested you get 3 inserts per cover and when I checked the pricing of the inserts compared to me making them, they were very, very reasonable.  I also ordered 7 packs of biodegradable inserts as they were on sale.  It all came today and its all amazing!  Definitely a great buy in my eyes so far.  Granted the ultimate test will be when my little one arrives and we try them out.  I'm so glad the diaper debockle is over, I think I was getting gray hairs over diapers.

I'm still very glad that I went to the Birth and Labor expo last weekend in Duluth so I could learn about cloth wipes and all natural wipe solution.  I have everything to make the wipe solution with the exception of tea tree oil which I'm hoping to pick up on Wednesday when in Cook, MN.  Though, I figured I don't need to make any until closer to the end of April so its fresh. 

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