Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Green Projects for a Green Mom

Yesterday I had so much fun in my studio!  My craft show on Saturday was more or less a bust but I think that was in major part to the fantastic weather we had, I wouldn't have gone to a craft show either if I hadn't paid for the booth.  Since my next show isn't until Earth Day for Earth Day I did what I wanted in my studio yesterday.  A lot of it was business related but I did get a chance to sneak in some reusable sandwich bags:

This particular reusable bag will be mine, the first one always is. Today I'll be making more, I have a lot of children themed fabric. I've been using them for 3 years now and they are wonderful. They obviously cut down on plastic consumption which is both harmful to the environment in its process of being made but as well as what ends up in the landfill. These are made from nylon and cotton, water resistant, hold their mess, and if they do get messy just flip up in side out and wash on cold and either hang dry or on the medium setting of your dryer. And being reusable and a lot sturdier then conventional plastic bags you clearly can reuse them and they are so much cuter.

Though, the other thing I made yesterday was postpartum pads for after my little guy is born. I have not worn conventional plastic period pads also in about 3 years. I had learned about luna-pads when I miscarried in 2008 and located a local shop that had them in 2009 and I've never gone back. I originally started with Luna Pads I had bought one main liner with wings and 2 fillers with wings and 2 pads with out wings that you use in conjunction with the main liner. Totally comfy, they never leaked. Then in 2010 I needed more and was a Etsy member and found a Etsy member who made similar period pads, so I bought a 5 pack. They're a lot shorter so perfect for lighter periods, they fold within themselves. But, now reading that after you have a baby you're gonna more then likely have a heavy period for about 2-3 weeks I was thinking money wise and green wise that I really need more pads, longer pads. On Etsy a set for postpartum mom's they cost anywhere between $65 and $135. Not exactly cash I want to spend on something I'm pretty sure I could make. So yesterday I made 3 liners with wings and 3 liners to go into each liner. I still need to pick up nylon buttons on a strap for the closure which I'll do today, but this is what they look like so far:

I used flannel like all the other pads I have for the wings and for the sewn in pad, but instead of using fleece as I didn't have any and some people use something called ZORB which looks just like felt which I happen to have in abundance I used 2 layers flannel and 1 layer felt. The separate pads to put into place are of the same. I usually use the main liner for more then one day depending on how light or heavy the flow is, so there will be more coming, but that's what I accomplished yesterday.

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