Friday, March 30, 2012

Natural Cleaning Recipes put into action

So tonight I decided was a good night to make some home made natural cleaners to my liking.  Like I've said before I do not consider Borax my friend.  Just because its natural occurring doesn't mean its not poisonous as it is.  Would you clean with poison ivy?  Its naturally occurring.

The first recipe I put together was my laundry detergent which is in two parts.  Wet and Dry.  You keep them separate until you have your wash in the washer.  I mixed equal parts of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda and put it in a canning jar.  Then because we are having a baby in about a month to a month and half (hopefully not longer) I have a baby food jar of Dr. Bronnor's Lavender Castile Soap and a baby food jar of Dr. Bronnor's Unscented Baby Castile Soap.  You can add essential oils, I decided not to this time around.  You can always add them.  When your wash is in the washer add 2 T of the dry mix and 7.5mL of the Castile soap and that's it.  I found a cooking syringe at Target in the cooking/baking aisle for $1.99.  I washed my first load with this detergent tonight on whites, darks are currently washing and everything came out clean, no heavy smells, I plan on hanging them out side in the morning.  I'm editing this part, I left my laundry in baskets last night so I could hang out this morning, before you put your wash in the washer turn the water on and put in the dry ingredients to let disintegrate before adding laundry, then add liquid.  I had a few pieces this morning with the dry mix balled up on them.

The second recipe I put together was homemade window/glass cleaner.  I bought spray bottles at the dollar store earlier this week to put the cleaners in as I didn't have any I could re-purpose, I think they got recycled.  Its 1/4 c. vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon liquid dish soap, 2 c. water, shake to blend, and spray.  I added a couple of drops of blue food coloring so my husband realizes what it is as he more then likely won't read "glass cleaner" that I've written on the side of it.  I sprayed our bathroom mirror and tried with a squeegee first (not my forte) so I resprayed and dried with a microfiber cloth and its amazing!  Streak Free, no lint and practically edible.  The Liquid Dish soap I used is non toxic, not much left so soon I'll be making natural homemade dish soap.  I can't begin to figure out how cheap this is vs buying Windex which is what these days $4-5.  The total cost of the jug of vinegar was like $1.92, the water was free, the liquid dish soap around $4-5.  HUGE savings and HUGE difference.

And last but not least the third recipe I put together was an all-natural all purpose cleaner which I got from Frugally Sustainable  except I left out the borax and the Tea Tree Oil just because I didn't have any.  But will be picking some up on Wednesday when I head up to Cook, MN.  Tea Tree Oil is a natural anti-septic.

Will let you know when I make home made natural liquid hand soap and dish soap.

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