Sunday, March 25, 2012

Earth Friendly & Baby Friendly Cleaners

I have been nesting for a few months already, cleaning and organizing my home.  Though as I've mentioned I don't like using conventional cleaning products because they are full of fake estrogens and other harmful crap.  I ordered a discovery pack from where I got 7 free almost completely biodegradable diapers and completely biodegradable wipes which look cute but obviously my son can't try them out yet cause he's not ready to join the world yet.  But they also sent me a sample pack of their household products.  Shampoo/bodywash, hand soap, body/face lotion, laundry detergent, and healing balm.  The hand soap smells nice but doesn't do its job of cleaning your hands at all.  The shampoo is less than to be desired, the lotion I used on my face and it was ok, I haven't had a need yet for the healing balm nor a nice sunny day to wash a load of laundry yet.

Though with the honest company you have to order so many products every month in order to get their products at all.  You can't just pick and choose, which sits me on the fence and ultimately back to where I started.  I've been trying to find a laundry detergent recipe that does NOT contain borax.  Everyone on etsy seems to sell "natural laundry detergent" but when I asked their ingredients they all say borax.  The main ingredient in Borax maybe a naturally occurring substance but its neither child safe or the natural in which I'm searching for, its poisonous and causes reproductive issues which is not my idea of natural, I'm looking for natural meaning safe.  Through reading multiple discussion boards I don't know why I didn't get that Ah-hah sensation, but I already occasionally use a safe natural approach to laundry.  When towels get that mildewy smell even though you've washed them and they still smell I throw about 1/4 c baking soda in with the wash and the smell is gone.  So really I could just shave off some natural castile soap in with baking soda and some salt and be good to go and it would cost signficantly less then any of that crap you can buy at Target in a jug.

I'm also running low on hand soap.  I found a super easy recipe for that today too.  1 gal water and 4oz of all-natural bar soap.  You heat the water in a pot on the stove until it steams.  While the water is heating, grate the entire bar of soap.  When the water starts to steam, remove from burner, add all of soap, mix, let sit 15 min, mix with hand mixer, leave over night, mix again with mixer in the morning and pour into container with soap pump. 

Though you do have to pay attention to what's in the bar soap, remember just because someone says its natural it could still contain crappy fillers.  So do your homework, I always use the Skin Deep Database to find out just how safe each of the chemicals and oils are.

A lot of what I use for bath and body I buy from a local gal who has a shop in Cook, MN called Gilley's Naturals.  The products she makes are amazing and as all-natural as she can possibly get.  I use her shampoo, deodorant, headache relief, lotion bars, miracle oil, sunburn spray, my husband uses her stinky foot powder, lip balm, etc.  Though she doesn't sell either of the items above and thus why I am going to attempt at making them.

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