Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Amazing Diapers

So it is true, Best Bottom Diapers are truly made for infants to approximately 35+ lb child or to when they start potty training.  I was so confused I think I emailed Nicki's Diapers 4x today to get clarification, but what they old me was to watch a video on YouTube of their diapers an how they work.  Its fantastic.  We are going with Best Bottom Diapers from Nicki's Diapers in Wisconsin!  We're gonna start out with 3 covers.  As for inserts they have stay dry inserts, hemp/organic cotton inserts, overnight inserts, hemp/organic overnight inserts, micro doublers.  So clearly I still have another step of research I need to do.  The diaper covers ship free with Nicki's Diapers and all purchases $75+ are shipped free, they seem to have a point system too so for each item you purchase each item is worth so many points which can buy you diapers or other items they sell.  I am going to be using biodegradable inserts on top of which ever insert I go with.

On another note, we stopped by Target after our last birthing class tonight to make a return and wanted to check out the bottle/nipple department as we learned that if you are going to breast feed not to use a nook or a bottle for the first 4-6 weeks which was news to me, but I'm glad they told me.  I've seen those bottles with the nipples that look like a nipple:

Wondering how they would work, but we already bought playtex nursers.  Though in the same aisle I realized were diaper wipes.  I thought maybe, just maybe they might have some biodegradable wipes.  They did.  They were on clearance.  Though I flipped it over and the first brand I found which was a name brand contained alcohol.  I put it back on the shelf, moved over to the Target brand which stated it was biodegradable super affordable on clearance, 50 for $1.68, so I figured for $1.68 doesn't hurt to take them home and look them up on the skin deep website.  Well, they are a no go.  The Vitamin A Palmitate according to skin deep can cause cancer and major reporductive issues as well as being harmful for a pregnant woman to use as it can cause damage to the fetus.  And yet they include it in a product for use on a child?  Pays to do research.  While I was out on Skin Deep I looked up the gdiaper wipes and they passed with flying colors.

I did grab all the flannel I had in the house this morning on my way to my studio.  Cut out 8x8" squares, put right sides together and pinned.  I'll get around to sewing them and top stitching them this week or next when I'm not sewing reusable sandwich and produce bags for a new account.  I have 27 cloth wipes ready to sew.

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