Monday, March 26, 2012


So diapering has been a major viewpoint in my pregnancy.  I knew I wanted to do cloth diapering but I'm completely new to all this and do you know how many cloth diapering systems are out there?  I read about gdiapers early on and I still like their philosophy.  Though you have to buy new outter pants as your baby grows.  Then I thought I would do diapers which are mostly biodegradable disposables except that the tabs are not biodegradable.  Now yesterday I was reading the most current issue of Pregnancy and Newborn and found an ad for Nicki's Diapers out of Wisconsin.  According to the website, this Nicki person developed her own cloth diapers that take all the pro's from all cloth diapering systems and eliminated all of the con's from them making ultimately 1 outer shell that will fit a newborn up to a child that is 35+ lbs.  I did email them to confirm this and am still waiting. 

If they do call to confirm, then I think we will be going with Nicki's Diapers Best Bottom Diapers as I will only have to buy so many outer layers that will grow with my son, so many of the cloth inserts and do disposable inserts on top that are 100% biodegradable that catch the poopy mess and you wash the cloth pads that hold the urine, then you're just supposed to be able to wipe out the cover and be good to go.  There covers are $16.95 each though I do believe they have some discounts if you buy more than 3. 

Cloth diapering proves to be earth friendly, as well as better for your baby's bottom, easier to potty train, and entirely more affordable then disposables.  My two biggest reasons for being as "green" as possible is 1) the cost & 2) the impact on the earth.  Which brings me to something new that I learned about this weekend at the Birth and Labor expo I attended Saturday morning in Duluth with my husband and my parents.  Reusable Cloth wipes.  Never did the idea cross my mind and yet people have been using them for quite some time, you can even buy solution to spray them with when you need a wipe for your baby's bottom.  They seem to be made from 2 layers of 100% cotton flannel serged together on the ends to prevent frayed edges, which I don't own a serger but I could easily put two right sides together, sew, flip, and top stitch.  Which I might try cause come on, wipes can be expensive and I'm looking at getting biodegradable wipes to use when visiting people or places where I won't be near my laundry room, but at home, that would be entirely easy.  Let alone cost effective.

So all this research I've done the last 8 months and I've drempt about diapers and which ones I'd use, I think I know what I want to do, I definitely know I'm going to do cloth vs disposable.  I just need to make a decision on which ones so I can purchase and have them washed and ready for when he arrives which could be as little as 6 weeks!

Have you cloth diapered?  If you have what have you done?  And what have you washed them in?  Please leave a comment below.

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