Friday, December 28, 2012


Today, my dad, my husband, my son and I went thrifting in central Minnesota.  I told my dad, thrifting is like garage saling for the winter.  Though thrifting you can spend hours in one store vs getting in your car and driving around and some times getting lost.

As long as I can remember after I was thru with college I tried accomplishing a adult modern looking home but as I had much fun thrifting today I was reminded that I own my own home and I don't need my home to look like an accomplished adult home.  I love white washed furniture, shabby chic, and bright colors like cerlean blue.  So forget the accomplished adult look, I'm gonna get comfy in my home and customizing it to the way I want it to look.  I also tried catering to my husband's likes which are far from mine and he doesn't help with much of anything so why not do what I want.

I found some awesome fabrics thrifting today and yesterday that were once sheets or curtains that I plan on upcycling into curtains or table cloths or clothing or a new purse/wallet for myself.  I came across an awesome find yesterday.  I have an antique high chair I've been in the process of refinishing for my little boy only the problem with it is the tray lifts up over his head and comes down.  That's not so much as the problem though as is when he sits in it, I can't adjust the tray to get closer to him, creating at least 6" of space between him and the tray.  I don't know about you, but everything will end up in his lap.  I tried thinking of ways to convert it to a high chair I could move the tray closer but before finding any hard ware I came across another older but more modern high chair for $12.75.  The tray is bubbling a bit with the paint, but my step-dad has already told me he will sand blast it for me.  This high chair I found is table height where as the other one we have is more in line with a bar table.

I have plans for painting our livingroom after the new year starts in which I will start changing the look of the livingroom more for my liking.  I'll post pictures when I get home this weekend.  I didn't bring my camera cord with this weekend (oops!).

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