Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Noah's 1st Christmas

Well, I was right, Noah could care less about unwrapping Christmas presents, though he did seem to like what was under the wrapping paper, even more if it made some sort of noise.  He didn't especially like the dinner grandma had for him though, he wanted what we were eating.  I screwed up on my part I could have introduced him to beef before Turkey or Chicken so we would have known whether or not he was going to have an issue with it or not and then he could have had what we had.  But there's always next year when he'll more then likely have some teeth.

Noah's Christmas gift to his daddy was a dog tag that was inscribed, "Daddy" and then "Peyton 2008 & Noah 2012."  Christmas is espeically hard for me for two reasons.  One, in 2007 I lost my dear grandmother.  I took care of her for the 7 years prior to her leaving us and she truly was one of my bestest of friends.  Then in 2008 I was pregnant for the very first time and we lost the baby in a miscarriage.  We named our miscarriage Peyton so we would never forget our first little one.  My mother also got a similar gift except it was a metal circle that was inscribed "grandmother" with Noah & Peyton with the years they either were to arrive or did arrive.  Grandpa got a sweatshirt I had a friend of mine embroider that said, "A dog may be a man's best friend, but Grandpa is my best friend, Love Noah" © 2012. All Rights Reserved Jennifer Smith  

Peyton is just as common of a name in our house hold as is Noah.  I used to design and sew aprons and I had named the children's apron Peyton for boys or girls.  My huband found a Christmas tree ornament this year that spelt "Peyton" the way we spell it vs Payton.  He also found one for "Noah."

Noah's first Christmas is just beginning. We celebrated Christmas with my mother and her husband last night on Christmas Eve, today if my husband weren't working we'd be on our way with my mother and her husband to Christmas at my grandparents in a tiny little town in central MN called "Genola," to see my mother's side of the family.  But, my husband has to work so we are heading off to his mother's in about a half an hour.  Tomorrow we'll be traveling to central Minnesota to my dad's home where we'll be staying for the remainder of the week to celebrate with him, and then my mother's parents on Thursday.  This was a normal Christmas for myself growing up over the years, I see it the same for Noah.

Later when we come home it will be all about unpacking the car only to repack for another outting into the van.

Merry Christmas and Safe Travels

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