Sunday, December 30, 2012

Catching UP

Now that we are home from visiting and I am finally home from work and from running errands, picking up my son, and getting him to bed, I'm frantically trying to catch up.  I didn't have time last week before we left or started the Christmas events to do laundry, so now I am trying to get it all washed and put away.  I have about 6 loads!

I'm still trying to put gifts away and fun new thrifted treasures, I'd love to find my dining room table, its quite barried at the moment.  I did take pictures of my fun finds but they are unfortunately going to have to either wait until way later tonight or tomorrow as the camera cord seems to have been lost in everything I need to put away.

I'd love to start getting to bed around 10pm but I don't know when that will be feasible either.  I'll post pictures later if I finally catch up.  I'd like my home to be prim and proper to ring in the new year!

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