Monday, September 24, 2012


It seems that as soon as fall approaches I no longer have time.  Not that I had an abundance before Fall, and I don't even have children in school.  I seem to do my home improvement projects in the fall vs the summer.  I am in charge of a craft show for our Church's Fall Oktoberfest celebration which has kept me quite busy as well.

Just this week alone I need to clean house, bake goodies for Oktoberfest Bake Sale, finish working on my own crafty creations for my own booth at Oktoberfest, prep dinner for dinner with our in-laws on Thursday, my dad is coming to visit on Wednesday, I have to set up for the craft show Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning and I have a friend staying the weekend as well!

I'm hoping to get back to a normal posting schedule as soon as Oktoberfest is over!  I scored 2 potty chairs on a local online auction.  They are both wood, one is pink the other needs a lot of TLC.  So I'm excited to start the project of sanding them down, repainting them.  One will be for home and the other for Grandma's when Noah gets to that stage.    I scored the both of them for $12.

I'm also in the process of fixing up an old antique wood high chair for Noah.  It needed some new hardware a either a good stain and sealant or some paint.  We went with a bright blue paint.  I also paid $12 for the high chair at an antique store downtown Duluth.

And on the side of being frugal we haven't had any form of cable or satellite TV since Spring of 2011.  I have to say now that I'm home all day with my little boy it would be nice to watch some TV vs always watching what we want on the internet.  So I found where you learn how to have TV with out paying for cable or satellite with the use of an antenna.  You don't even necessarily need a roof top antenna.  My mom gave me some rabbit ears and last night I picked up 4 digital channels and 1 analog channel.  But now during the day we got nothing.  I went to the FCC website to see what channels I could pick up in my area and I should be able to get PBS which I got last night, ABC which I haven't received yet and quite possibly NBC.  I only really care about ABC.  So I just need a more powerful antenna...though my search is on... will let you know how things go.

Well, that's all the time I have to update, I still need to do Laundry, prep Thursday's meal, decide what I'm making for the bake sale, and finish cleaning house!!!!  Need to finish today cause I won't have time the rest of the week!

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