Thursday, September 6, 2012

When in doubt...God will provide

Have you ever heard, "God will provide?"  I have.  I have also heard, "When in doubt..."  Well, this evening my husband and I took his brother and his wife out for dinner.  In recent years there has been some turmoil between us and his new wife.  I sent them a card a few weeks ago inviting them to our house for dinner.  Well, they couldn't make it to our house so we took them out for dinner on the topic to clear the air and settle our differences.  Just writing the card my hand was shaking and made me very stressed out.  As I have attempted to clear the air for quite some time and we never seem to get anywhere...

We met them for dinner at a local restaurant, we got there a bit early and all I could do was pray, I was so nervous.  I prayed and prayed and prayed.  Then my husband said, "they're here."  Oh my goodness what am I gonna do, please let everything be ok...

It was.  The night was great.  Back to the way things used to be!  I have a craft show starting tomorrow that ends on Sunday and again... I'm a little nervous because craft shows haven't been all that great this year, granted I've only done smaller ones and this weekend is a big one and last year I did great.  I can't hope for a great turn out in sales, I pray instead.  I have to rely on God and know that he will provide.

I so desperately want to get out of credit card debt and pay off the 2 months rent I have left on my downtown studio.  I've decided to stay home and not work, kinda defeats the purpose when your husband makes more money than you in one over time shift than you would all month.

I want to work from home and I was stuck and yet God is providing by showing me the way to go.  So when in doubt...they usually say ASK, I'm gonna rely on God knowing HE will provide.

What do you do when you're in doubt?

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