Thursday, September 6, 2012

Losing weight & its challenges

In 2007 I saw a natural doctor named Monica Liddle in Duluth, MN for my endometriosis.  She took me off of the patch (contraceptive) and put me on an anti-inflammation diet that included a few supplements.  I naturally lost 25 lbs and stopped losing weight when my body got to its natural weight, 130 lbs at 5 feet 5 inches.

In 2008, I got pregnant for the first time, gaining a lot of weight quite quickly.  I miscarried.  I couldn't lose the weight and since then till I got pregnant in 2011 I had climbed to 160 lbs and holding.  However, at the end of my 2nd pregnancy I weight 218 lbs.  I had gestational diabetes.  The only weight I lost when my son was born was his birth weight of 8lbs 6 oz.  The first week after he was born I lost 26 lbs.  I think it was a lot of excess water weight because I was huge.  Then I plateaued.

This is me 9 months pregnant:
This is me 2 months after my son was born:
When I look at this picture, I think I look huge, in reality I am, I am the heaviest I have ever been and no longer pregnant.  I weighed 195 in this picture.

I have since then joined Weight Watchers and I go to meetings weekly, I track what I eat, I don't lose 5 lbs a week, I lose any where between 0.5 and 3.5 lbs per week.  I don't currently exercise because I honestly don't have time to with a 4 month old and not the greatest neighborhood to walk around in.  But, I am losing.  So far I have lost 8.6 lbs.

It took me 9 months to gain almost 60 lbs, I'm sure its going to take just as long to get back. 

I'm not just aiming to lose the weight to feel better but so that I can make some positive changes that will impact my life and hopefully any future children that I may be blessed to have.  Two days after being discharged from the hospital after my son was born, I was diagnosed with pulmonary embolisms.  They determined I got them due to the fact that I was rather immobile the last few months of my pregnancy.  So, I am now on Coumadin till who knows when and I can't conceive another child until I am off.  But, my second reasoning for losing the weight and keeping it off is also for a future child.  Going into pregnancy obese leads to the liklihood that your child will be obese and you will stay obease which is linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.

I love being healthy and I'm on my way.  If you are in a similar situation or just want to lose the weight, my suggestion to you is to join weight watchers, they money you spend weekly to join is an investment into your health.  Cut back on eating out so you can afford to live healthier.

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