Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby Centered Ideas

So now that my little sweetheart is almost 4 months old (where did the time go), we definitely have a routine, him and I.  Him and daddy on the other hand are all over the place when mommy is busy sewing or not home...which I think tends to screw Noah up a bit.  Fall is my favorite time of the year, not just because it seems to be more relaxed and cooler outside, but I start my home improvement projects in the fall.

I've imagined this one project for a few years, I haven't done it yet and I think this is the year to do it.  Though, what I've noticed is that when you have a little one your plans change a bit.  I've already baby proofed to the point that there are no breakables near the floor, however warm objects yes.  We have steam radiators in our home for heat.  None of them have covers.  When Noah starts crawling it will surely be cool outside and the radiators will be starting to generate heat, which will be hot on little fingers.  So besides making radiator covers for all of our radiators my dreamy fall project entails an entire wall in our living room.

This wall is 16 feet long.  Is broken up into 3 sections by 2 beams that run up the walls and across the ceiling.  This wall also has 2 radiators, and one window.  I want to line the entire wall, minus the section with the window with tounge and groove carsiding vertically.  Then I want to stain it like a drift wood hue (gray).  On top of that I want to put a place for coats/jackets on one section and in the middle section a built in hutch with shelves.  Originally this plan wasn't going to include an area for jackets.  But before last September when I found out I was pregnant, I was told I wasn't able to have children so my plans for this project included space for the many breakable antiques we own.

My home improvement projects aren't the only ideas that are changing...

I've started designing and sewing infant hats.  I'm entirely irritated that when shopping anywhere infant hats are not truly infant hats.  They are always 10x too big!  So I've started selling hats for infants 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-24 months.  So far they've been a hit.  My little boy has inspired me to create many more things from hide outs to sleepers to nook hooks, sleep sacks, wood toys, and so much more.

I wish we could find some of these items already made in America but of course for whatever reason everything seems to be made in China.  If you know of a company or someone who makes similar items, please let me know!  I'd be interested to check them out!

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