Sunday, September 9, 2012

Children's Toys & Upcoming Holiday Season

Before my son was born, my husband and I had already decided that Noah wasn't going to have a ton of toys like some kids have.  He also isn't going to get everything in the Target Christmas ad either.  There are SO many toy recalls its ridiculous.  A lot of the toys sold in stores are made in China.  China tends to cut a lot of corners like using lead based paint and such.  Not safe and yet people buy them.  I suppose people think...well, what else am I gonna buy?  I have that answer for you!

American made toys!  Keep your hard earned cash right here in the good 'ol country of ours!  Support the families who live here.  My mother hasn't bought any toys for our little boy yet because she will not buy anything made in China.  She even made a complaint at Target because that's the primary store near us and not a one toy made elsewhere.

My little boy plays with the 2 rattles I had as a baby and they are both made in the USA.  So what happened to toys being made in America?  Did companies become greedy and want lower manufacturing costs made by children in sweat factories?  We (myself, my husband, and my mother) do not support any company who sends their manufacturing over seas.  Instead we do some research and we have found there are a lot of great companies still manufacturing right here in the United States! 

Now finding stores that sell their products is a bit more difficult so I recently decided that when I launch, "Noah's Half Pint Hub" this fall that I won't make myself a work horse trying to make everything in Santa's workshop for my new shop, I will make what I'm inspired to make for boys (girls by custom order), and be a shop owner for all the other wonderfully made toys, accessories, and clothing made right here in the United States!

But in the mean time, here is a company we know of that does sell in stores Little Tykes - outdoor play houses and toys.  We bought our son a swing to put on the clothes line pole next summer from Little Tykes we also bought a sled at the end of the winter season this past winter for this coming winter.  (We like clearance, who doesn't?)

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