Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Entirely Challenging

There is part of our life that has become entirely challenging since having Noah and that is finding work for me that works around my husband's work schedule.

My husband works for a non-profit that works with the Minnesota Department of Corrections at a youth facility that is basically prison for kids.  He is full time, he works doubles on Sundays and then the afternoon shift Monday-Wednesday, though he also has to go in earlier on Wednesdays and some nights has to stay late into the night because the kids are acting up.

The only out of home job I have is being a very, very part time home health aide.  I currently only have one client which is for 1 hour every other week, that makes me $23 every other week after taxes.  They don't currently have any other clients for me that work around my husband's schedule.

I am essentially a full time stay at home mom/wife.  So staying home essentially saves us money that we would other wise have to spend on daycare.  I can't imagine paying for daycare.  Money gets tight and then I find something to sell on a local facebook group which I have to say comes through if we need to buy formula or diapers or groceries. 

The only debt we have is our home and our two cars.  Though if you've ever heard when it rains it pours.  Its like we can never catch up.  This month my husband will have 3 pay days.  The first payday we had to pay all our bills which was hard because the two other big bills are due on the 15th and its 2 days before his next payday.  But this paycheck I was hoping to bank but now we found out I need 4 new tires on my car so that's gonna cost at least $400, I owe my mom about $220 for our cell bill for the last so many months.  My dad would like a car payment.  I just wish I could find a legit work from home job that I could help pay the bills.

God does provide.  He sees to it that we are taken care of and I should just remember to trust in him, I just wish and pray that a job would find me that I can do from home that was legit because there are so many scams!!!!

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