Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cloth Diapers

Today we came home from spending 2 nights at my mother's (my husband worked 32 hours in 2 days, so while he was away my mom helped me out a bit).  I decided against opening a new package of diapers to start using the cloth diapers I had purchased in my last stage of pregnancy.  Not as easy as they make it look on YouTube.  The first diaper I put on him the shell is a best bottom diaper will or should fit a new born to a child 35+ pounds, there are snaps to make it bigger or smaller.  I tried one of the snap-in inserts with a biodegradable liner for the poopy mess.  Not so easy to snap it on my son and he essentially peed and pooped right away so on to another diaper.  I like the biodegradable liners, they do catch the poopy mess so you just have to throw that.

I used a preform diaper insert this time instead of the stay dry insert.  The preform diapers don't snap in like the stay dry inserts.  I think I only had him in this diaper for about 2 hours and when I picked him up to feed him, his clothes were wet.  The best bottom diaper wasn't keeping him dry and when I changed him, the entire preform was soaked to the point that excess urine was leaking out.  Not cool.  So before bringing my son to my mother's for a few hours while I pick up our house, I put a regular diaper back on him.

Nothing in motherhood is easy except when it comes to loving your child and hence why I needed my mom to watch him for just a couple of hours while I pick up our house.  Though not getting everything done because I'm already exhausted and all I've done is cleaned out the fridge, hauled out the compost and the garbage and washed dishes.  I hope my stamina returns sooner rather then later.

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