Sunday, March 10, 2013

Babyville Snap Pliers

Have you ever tried putting snaps on a apron or other material object?  I don't know about you but I tried the metal snaps with the proper pliers and that sucked!  When I was in a pinch the last time I tried using metal snaps and couldn't get to lining up those stupid teeth, I ended up sewing snaps on and then putting a decorative button on top!  So much work.

Last year sometime I had watched a video on YouTube on how to use the pliers for the plastic snaps they make for using on cloth diapers and all sorts of other fun things.  They are priced $19.99 for the plier and each set of 60 snaps for $7.99. I broke down and bought one yesterday only because I had a couple of 50% off coupons.  So I got my plier for $9.99 and my snaps for $3.99 sweet deal.  And it works wonders!  I'm so glad I made this purchase yesterday!

I'm in the midst of making myself a set of reusable tree cloths.  What are these you may be thinking?  They are reusable paper towels essentially.  Made from terry cloth and a decorative fabric.  I made mine out of new terry cloth, however I think I will keep my eye open for 2nd hand towels or clearance towels and part of an old bed sheet.  I just used my sewing machine to act like a serger around the edges and now I'm adding snaps to attach them together.  Then onto a standard paper towel roll.  

I absolutely hate using one use items only.  Last year I made family cloth.  Reusable toilet paper, we wash and dry on hot about every 2 weeks or when we are running low.  So I'm not sure the last time I purchased toilet paper, we do buy it so our guests can still use what they're used to.  My next goal is to make hankies and cloth napkins.

Here are my finished tree towels!

If I were to sell these, I'd not do the snaps, and I would have them dispense differently.  I was following a pattern, the snaps would make this a very expensive project!  But I loved putting the snaps in!

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